Three Pillars of DevOps Success in 2018

February 12, 2018 CollabNet VersionOne

I love the beginning of the year. It is always enjoyable to see people’s predictions for trends in the coming year. Publications like Fortune, CNN Money, Washington Post and the Atlantic speculate about what gadgets and technologies are going to take off in popularity this year, psychics predict which celebrities will have babies and fall in love, and I start to think about trends like DevOps and where the software delivery industry is headed next.

I went back and looked at some DevOps predictions from last year around the same time. I had given a quote to DevOps Digest, predicting that DevOps would grow closer to the heart of the business in 2017. I saw then that KPIs, metrics and data would become more of a focal point for organizations moving forward with DevOps initiatives.

VP of Product Management and Strategy at CollabNet, Eric Robertson, predicted in an article in the DevOps Summit Journal that analytics would play a bigger role in DevOps tool integration and that these two, along with early testing, would be significant points of discussion for IT leaders in 2017.

As we look back on the year — the unique opportunities it presented, the challenges we faced and the decisions we made as a company — CollabNet learned a thing or two (or a dozen) about DevOps. And though some things change—and we are always learning—some things stay the same. Which is why this year, when I made predictions about priorities for DevOps in 2018, my thinking wasn’t revolutionary.

Some of the trends we talked about at the beginning of 2017, like measuring DevOps success, have grown in importance over the past year. The hunches Eric and I had at the end of 2016 were confirmed as we sat in conversations with company after company that needed a way to connect and measure the new efforts and tools it had adopted.

In fact, the needs we have seen in the software delivery industry for the last decade have not changed significantly. What has changed are people’s attitudes and folks’ willingness to change a company culture, adopt new ideas and evolve their organizations — and that makes me excited for 2018.

In 2018, I see three major pillars for DevOps success. These will be three main themes of discussion. Organizations who pay attention in all three of these areas are going to see software development and delivery blossom in a new way as they strive to modernize processes and practices with Agile and DevOps.

These pillars are:

  1. Value streams
  2. Connected visibility and context
  3. Improved compliance, governance, and security

You can read more about each pillar over on my blog, “IT Exec Headquarters,” at and be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below.

Here’s to a successful 2018!


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