10 Best Quotes from the How to Measure DevOps Performance Webinar

December 8, 2016 CollabNet VersionOne

Are you measuring the value, risk, and quality flowing through your DevOps pipelines? Check out these ten insightful quotes about how to measure DevOps performance:

1- “A value stream includes all of the steps that are required to create something of value and deliver that to the customer.”

VersionOne Value Stream2 – “DevOps is anything that helps optimize the flow of incremental business value, in the form of new software capabilities, between developers and end users.”
DevOps Flow3- “Not only is DevOps essential to the entire value stream, but the concept of the value stream has also become the central concept within DevOps.”

4- “You can’t really talk about value streams without talking about value stream mapping.”

Value Stream Mapping5-“Value stream mapping creates a model of all the steps to deliver value to your customers and the time associated with each step of the process.”

6- “The objective is to go in and reduce wait times, to get the waste out of the system in order to lean out your value stream.”

DevOps Wait Time

7- “The reality is that in most organizations the value stream is still somewhat fragmented.”

Dis-integrated Value Stream

8- “Information that is important to each segment of that value stream, and is used internally to make decisions within each segment of that value stream, becomes fragmented as well.”

Value Stream Strategy

9- “What we’re finding is that in order for a value stream to really be effective, that information has to be unified across the entire value stream.

Unified Value Stream

10- “To optimize DevOps performance you must integrate the information across the entire value stream.”

Optimize Performance Across the Value Stream

I hope these ten quotes get you excited about measuring DevOps performance and unifying your value stream. These ten quotes about building the foundation for measuring DevOps performance are just the beginning of the story. Check out the full webinar to learn how to start measuring and optimizing DevOps performance.

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