10 Years of a Thriving Tigris Community

July 15, 2010 CollabNet VersionOne

CollabNet has a thriving community that started a little over 10 years ago called Tigris.org. Many of you have probably downloaded software from this community, such as Subversion, Tortoise SVN, and ArgoUML.

In the last decade, Tigris.org has grown from a handful of projects to a whopping 1,396, and has roughly 180,000 users.

A few of the projects worth noting:

gef is a graph editing library that can be used to construct many, high-quality graph editing applications. This project was created within Tigris in February of 2000, making it the first still-active project created within Tigris.

ArgoUML, the leading open source UML modeling tool, sits at the top of a family of dozens of component projects, translations, and extensions. The core project was started in 1998, two years before there even was a Tigris.Org! It was already established as an open source project when it moved into Tigris. Additionally, ArgoUML has reached over 100,000 downloads!

Although the projects above now all use Subversion, they were originally created using CVS. Naturally, of course, Subversion (the software) didn’t exist at the time Subversion (the project) was being created.

cvs2svn was originally created as a part of the Subversion project, in the Subversion self-hosting repository, but was then split out to stand alone. If we count the time it spent within the larger Subversion project, it’s the oldest software that is now a project on Tigris.Org.

argouml-stats is the first project created within Subversion, on Tigris.Org in April of 2005. (There’s that ArgoUML family again!) This project serves the build/test status for the project family as a whole, an extension of the automated build facilities.

But, of course, this is a very small sampling of Tigris.org open source projects, and behind the many wonderful projects are the people with the innovation and skills, and the incentive to write and commit the code.

We have been collecting statistics on the Tigris.org community, and are seeing some amazing numbers, such as most commits throughout time at 35,574; most commits in this year at 3,299, as well as most helpful and active users, etc. We appreciate the time, effort, and skill that goes into these projects daily, and we’ll be sending out Tigris.org 10-Year Anniversary T-shirts to 62 users who ranked in the top categories. Each of you will be hearing from us so we can get your T-Shirt to you.

Tigris.org is a thriving community full of innovators, great projects and tools, deserving of praise and appreciation. In months to come, we’ll be blogging about some of these wonderful projects, their owners, and many of the hard working developers that work on these projects.

by Jack Repenning and Dana Nourie

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