5 Signs That a VersionOne Product Demo is NOT for You

February 14, 2012 Andy Powell

Did you know that we offer live VersionOne product demos twice a week?  These hour-long demonstrations are a great way to get up to speed on VersionOne.  You can register on the Live Product Demos page or Agile Sherpa.

But don’t get me wrong… VersionOne product demos are not for everyone.  To help you figure out where you stand, I’ve put together these 5 Signs That a VersionOne Product Demo is NOT right for you.

Please do NOT attend our live product demo if:

  1. You detest people who really get agile. Our expert Product Specialists will provide pragmatic answers to your questions and help you understand how agile development can be applied in your environment.
  2. You like to stay myopic and suboptimize around what matters only to you. We’ll touch on all of the key roles in the agile software development process, so you have the big picture of how the entire agile development team can be successful in VersionOne.
  3. You get annoyed by learning new things. Many experienced users who attend a second time are surprised by how much they learn.
  4. You like to learn the hard way. Why spend a single hour, when you could spend several hours trying to figure it out on your own?
  5. You stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night. We can’t beat that, try as we might.

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