A Continuum of Reporting Options

July 14, 2011 CollabNet VersionOne

If you’re a VersionOne user, you’re likely familiar with the 70-plus canned reports and dashboards available in your system.  These reports are accessible, easy to use and likely cover many of your reporting needs.  But what if you have reporting needs beyond the canned reports, are there other options to access and report against your VersionOne data?  Why yes, in fact there are what I like to refer to as a continuum of reporting options available to address all of your reporting needs.

Which option do I choose?

As we move from top to bottom of the continuum, the reporting options become richer but also more complex to implement.  Let’s review each in turn.

1) Canned Reports – Highly accessible and easy to use.  Limited configuration abilities.

2) Analytics (Dashboards and Grids)– Slightly greater configurability; requires Ultimate Edition.

Sample Analytics Report

3) Analytics (Custom Reports)– A wizard interface for creating reports against the Datamart.  Greater richness of data and configurability but limited by the functionality provided in the UI.  Also requires Ultimate Edition and some SQL skill.

4) Datamart Direct– The entire Datamart is accessible via the database. Use your favorite SQL tool to connect and extract data for your reporting needs.  Does not require Ultimate Edition but direct database access is not available for on-demand customers.

5) API– VersionOne provides an incredibly rich and robust API that offers access to virtually all of the data in your VersionOne system.  The API is a set of REST-based web services that are accessible using the browser or any modern programming language.  We also provide an SDK (.NET and Java versions) that hides the grungy details of making HTTP connections and parsing XML.  Use the API and your favorite reporting tool (Excel, for example) to satisfy the richest and most complex of your custom reporting needs.

Sample Using SDK and MS Chart Control

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