Advanced password security in Codesion Professional Edition

June 17, 2010 CollabNet VersionOne

Given that many software development teams today include full time developers and temporary contributors, working together collaboratively from multiple locations, it is important that account and project managers have total control over who has access to sensitive information. This includes knowing when developers leave the team, and being able to promptly shut off that user’s (or group’s) access to sensitive project data.

We recently launched an advanced security pack, which provides additional tools to account administrators to better manage passwords, password expiry and account lockout. This gives peace of mind, knowing there is one place to go in Codesion, to enforce password settings and total account lockdown and control.

Our advanced security features include:

  • Set a maximum password age, forcing users to regularly update their passwords
  • Enforce a minimum of “strong” passwords; passwords rated “medium” or lower can be banned
  • Immediately force a global reset of all passwords in your organization. Everyone gets locked out until they change their passwords
  • Disable specific users, preventing them from logging in at all and from getting any Codesion emails

To access these features you must be an account administrator of a Professional Edition plan. Click on the Security tab, after you sign into our site.

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