Agile 2010 in review.

October 7, 2010 CollabNet VersionOne

I was lucky enough to attend the Agile 10 tradeshow earlier in August.  I attended a few great presentations.  Tom Grants talk, Dan Rawsthornes talk and Jurgen Appelos talk.  As a President of a company I found that those sessions were impossible to take time to attend.  Now that I have a more focused job – it was great to have the time to attend.  The lesson learned for me here was  – take some time to learn see my blog on becoming a learning organization it will help your organization improve.

One of my responsibilities at CollabNet, as it was at Danube, is to meet with the analyst and media.  I met with about a dozen members of the media and analyst community including some upcoming video based interviews with my colleague Chris Clark that will appear on Agile Journal and Dzone soon enough.   Talking with analysts and the media is an interesting part of the job because I get to meet with objective observers of an industry who look for trends and make predictions.   A general theme amongst most of the analyst as with some of our competitive vendors is that the nature of the show is changing.  Martin Fowler and others have done interesting brain dumps of the Agile 10 show and I have to agree that although the number of new attendees is about the same as last year the audience is shifting to more business and project management focused professionals.   If my feeling on this is correct, is this a good or a bad thing for Scrum and Agile?  Is this the new audience that needs coaching and convincing?


Paris, August 2010

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