Agile at VersionOne: A Visitor’s Take

January 4, 2013 CollabNet VersionOne

We had the pleasure of hosting 30-some guests a couple of weeks ago at VersionOne HQs for the AgileAtlanta user group. One of the visitors, Alex Kell, a local QA Architect (, blogged about what he saw – an open-style work area of agile teams practicing various blends of agile and scrum, useful collaboration tools (not just VersionOne), and plenty of recreational options to keep things interesting.

VersionOne's "Rumpus Room," where ping pong, pool, a kegerator, Zen room and other fun breaks up hard work.

One of Alex’s observations was that the manner in which our processes, including how we organize teams and collaborate with one another, are inherently agile. In his blog post Alex shared a number of these observations and raised the question:  “Do employees have to adjust the way they want to work to adhere to policies, or are policies created to help employees work the way they want?”

Understanding this principle and the other ideas he shares can be helpful to both new and established agile teams who strive to create a culture of reflection and experimentation. If you haven’t already run across his post, check it out at

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