Agile Construction Management Using VersionOne

August 23, 2013 CollabNet VersionOne

In a post in the Agile Management blog, I outlined the idea that agile development could be applied to Construction Management. There are some terms that have been customized in this VersionOne instance, including Phase instead of Epic, Trade instead of Theme, and Workplan instead of Sprint or Iteration. These projects have employed Project Workspaces to customize some of the status values as well.

That all being said, here is how a typical Agile Construction Management Project might look implemented in VersionOne:

This is a view the Phase Tree, which shows some of the work broken down into Phases, and some other pertinent information:

VersionOne Construction View

Here is the “Phase Tracking” Board, showing just the high-level statuses of the particular Phases, and which Trades are involved in those Phases:

VersionOne Construction Board View

This is a TeamRoom™ environment for the Project, showing the items in the current Workplan:

VersionOne Construction TeamRoom

Finally, here is a report view that shows the overall progress of projects and future work:

VersionOne Construction Report

This is just another example of how VersionOne supports Agile Your Way. Thanks for reading; let us know what you think!


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