Agile Scrum Tools – A Tool that Helps Teams Grow?

May 30, 2012 VersionOne

Recently I had lunch at Chipotle (mmm, killer burritos!) with Peter Saddington, who runs Peter deals with so many different agile scrum tool vendors on a daily basis. He gets feedback from dev teams who have tried it all — from those using traditional agile development tools and “freebie” tools to those using sophisticated tools like VersionOne and… errr… those other “R” guys.

I figured if anyone knows best about the following two issues which we hear every day, it’s Peter:

  • How do you know when traditional whiteboards, spreadsheets and sticky notes are no longer getting the job done for a growing agile team?
  • What are the pros & cons of the free agile scrum tools?

Thanks, Peter for answering my questions on your blog today. If you’re an agile development team struggling with these same growing pains, check out his recommendations and let me know your thoughts. Have you tried the freebies? What did you think? At what point is it time for a more comprehensive agile project management tool? Is there a need in the market for something in


For more info, please check out our 2012 Spring Release notes announced today, including strategic planning enhancements with Agile Porfolio Management and VersionOne Catalyst.

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