Attend Complimentary Educational Sessions Featuring Experts on DevOps and Value Stream Mapping

March 24, 2017 CollabNet VersionOne

We’re enjoying seeing the message of improving DevOps processes resonate with so many practitioners and managers at conferences around the globe. Organizations are grasping the importance of uniting the enterprise through DevOps to deliver exceptional products and a better customer experience.

Along with DevOps, another positive trend influencing the software development industry is value stream mapping.

While DevOps tools are helping organizations deliver quality software at speed, enterprises are increasingly adopting the discipline of value stream mapping. Why? To ensure that the software they’re producing is delivering continuous improvements to the customer experience.

Instead of the traditional project- or application-based tracking, value stream mapping connects the tool chain to a value chain or value stream. Thus, it provides more traceability, visibility, and data to work with.

We’ve been speaking a lot about value stream mapping because our latest product, DevOps Lifecycle Manager, enables it for DevOps.

Is your business providing the best customer experience possible and keeping up with expectations?

Have you adopted value stream mapping, and if not, would you like to get started? 

We’re offering complimentary educational workshops with experts on the topic.

We invite you to spend a couple of hours with the experts and delve into this discipline, including how to use the logic to improve internal processes to enable continuous feedback and improvement. Beginning in April, CollabNet is launching a series of half-day workshops at a number of locations around the world.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Apply value stream mapping to track and improve the customer experience.
  • Adapt and improve your practices around continuous feedback and improvement.
  • Measure the value and outputs of tools in your DevOps value chain, and more!


Register to join us in one of the following cities by clicking on your nearest location:






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