Better Visibility of Complex Agile Projects: An Interview with CareerBuilder

December 10, 2015 CollabNet VersionOne

At an Agile Day Atlanta event, we had the opportunity to interview Andy Krupit, the manager, agile development, and Thomas Connell, the team lead, corporate applications support team, at CareerBuilder about why they selected VersionOne Ultimate edition.

In the video below, Krupit talks about how they significantly improved tracking and reporting of complex projects for a global organization which helped them decrease defects by 25%.

Here are some key takeaways from the videos:


  • Improved visibility into projects
  • Enhanced tracking of key metrics
  • Decreased defects 25%


CareerBuilder has the largest online job site in the U.S. and the global leader in human capital solutions and has agile teams around the world. Initially CareerBuilder’s agile teams were using whiteboards and post-it notes to manage projects. The CIO saw the success of these teams and decided to scale agile across the entire IT organization.  This created a lot of remote teams and the whiteboards and post-it notes just weren’t working anymore. They tried to use some non-agile project management tools they already had in place, but nothing replicated the success they had using whiteboards and post-it notes. They needed an online solution that reproduced the visual and tactile benefits of physically moving cards across a whiteboard in front of their teams.


After an extensive evaluation of several leading agile lifecycle management solutions, CareerBuilder was confident that VersionOne provided the best combination of online boards, custom workflows and access to the data. The online boards and custom workflows enabled the remote teams to replicate the success they had with colocated teams and the data allowed them to track progress in ways they couldn’t with whiteboards and post-it notes.


“VersionOne provides everyone, from executives to developers, visibility into how we are progressing toward our business goals,” says Krupit. “Before VersionOne they could not efficiently track metrics, but now CareerBuilder is able to help individual teams continually improve quality. In fact, since CareerBuilder implemented VersionOne, defects have decreased 25%.”

Please visit VersionOne’s YouTube page for more video interviews.


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