Change Set Based Merges in Subversion

September 28, 2007 Mark Phippard

Hopefully you have already read my post from last week, Subversion merge made easy.  In that post, I linked to information on the new CollabNet Merge client that we are building for Subversion 1.5.  There has been a lot of good feedback from users who have downloaded and tried that client.

This week, we are introducing a preview of an extension to the merge client that allows you to perform merges based on change sets.  With this extension to the merge client, users of CollabNet Enterprise Edition’s Project Tracker can perform merges by specifying Project Tracker artifacts as the input to the merge process instead of having to specify a list of revisions.  This is a really easy way to perform certain types of merges and can lead to some interesting new workflows and business processes.

If you have already installed the merge client, you can just visit the same installation site and grab the change set extension.  I have also written an overview of the client that has some more details and screenshots.  Click here for the overview of the change set extension.

While you will need Subversion 1.5 on your server to get the full benefits of merge tracking, the bulk of the features of this change set extension can be used today with your version of CollabNet Enterprise Edition.  So give it a try and let us know what you think.

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