Changes made from Subversion 1.4.x to 1.5 – A command line point of view

November 7, 2007 Team CollabNet

Over the past months we blogged a lot about Subversion 1.5 and its new capabilities. People often ask: “Can you show us the changes from 1.4.x to 1.5 on the command line?”

I’ve created a PDF that answers this question by analyzing the built-in documentation of Subversion 1.5-dev and comparing it to the documentation of Subversion 1.4.x. The changes made to Subversion’s  subcommands reflect most of the new features. 

The results of my investigation are in the Merge Tracking Early Adopter Program (the SVN 1.5 beta). Look for the document titled: "Subversion 1.5 Command Line Changes". All new features of Subversion 1.5-dev are highlighted in blue (when necessary, limitations of the AS400 port are mentioned as well).

I’m currently working on a document that describes and compares all new, obsolete and unchanged switches of the Subversion 1.5-dev subcommands. Please tell me what you think about the command-line-comparison approach and whether I should provide you a comparison for svnadmin, svnlook, svndumpfilter and svnsync as well.

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