CI Integrations – Making Release Notes Easier

June 19, 2012 CollabNet VersionOne

As you know (or didn’t know, but know now), VersionOne currently integrates with 35 agile lifecycle management tools, with 25 of them being open source.  We provide you with a way to truly integrate your agile lifecycle management suite with our agile management tool.

The integrations provide endless value — whether it’s making the team’s lives easier, providing you with the visibility you need and/or both.  Let’s take our integrations with various CI Tools as an example.

VersionOne’s various integrations with CI Tools allow the agile development team to quickly view all the builds associated with stories and defects.  The team is able use this information to verify what build they should use.

Pretty cool, right?  Well there’s more!

Aside from what I’ve already mentioned, our integration also takes some load off the Technical Writer or the individual in charge of generating the Release Notes.

We allow you to select the VersionOne project, the associated build project, a range of builds, and voila! You now have a list of stories and defects completed for the given range.

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