Closing the Agile Loop

August 17, 2011 CollabNet VersionOne

Closing the Agile Loop – Continuous Integration, Continuous Information

Early and continuous delivery of valuable software is the number one principle behind the Agile Manifesto. That’s why agile practices demand looking beyond code, to build and test. Continuous integration (CI) and test-driven development are accepted as critical elements to accelerate the software delivery process. However, exclusive focus on automating the build and test process is not enough. A key benefit of CI is the ability to effectively close the loop between development, build and test, and back, through continuous information flow. By gaining timely visibility into build and test results, development teams can be more proactive in dealing with defects, and project teams gain vital information into each build, including which requirements have been addressed. This increases team productivity and accelerates faster delivery of high-quality software.

Attend this session to:
•    Understand the fundamentals of closed-loop CI
•    Hear practical examples and case studies from implementations of a CI solution
•    Learn how to effectively integrate tools like Hudson or Jenkins with ALM solutions

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