Cloudstock: the best free lunch in town

December 7, 2010 Jack Repenning

They say “there’s no free lunch.” But Cloudstock delivered just that, sandwiched within an amazing array of presentations, with a perfect balance of technical substance and business wisdom.

Cloudstock BoothThe day was jam-packed with presentation tracks, and every one I managed to make was really strong. I was particularly pleased with presentations on lessons learned by the presenter in creating their own web applications.

For example, Jeremy Glassenberg, of Box, described a number of ways in which Box has found a significant market with Small to Medium Businesses, ways in which the needs and demands of this sector differ significantly (and profitably) from either the large enterprise or the consumer user. Insights such as which business models are more promising here (freemium beats ad-supported), or what scale application fits best (small-to-medium).

The always-worthwhile Sam Ramji, of Apigee made an excellent case for what he calls “API Virtualization”: a combination of API versioning and a kind of “presentation logic vs. business logic” split within your API architecture, so you can adapt such features as the data formats, pagination, or caching to the needs of various devices, clients, and partners.

All in all, one of the best conferences I’ve ever attended. And you can’t knock the price!

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