Codesion Achieves PCI Compliance

August 11, 2010 CollabNet VersionOne

PCI DSSOne of our goals is to deliver you the most secure and reliable enterprise grade platform.  In line with this we are now officially PCI compliant as defined by the Security Standards Council. The PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of requirements originally designed to ensure that all companies who process, store, or transmit credit card data maintain a secure environment. However, these strict standards can also be applied to the storage of your source code.

The high-level requirements include:

  1. Building and maintaining a secure network
  2. Protecting user data
  3. Maintaining a vulnerability management program
  4. Implementing strong access control measures
  5. Regularly monitoring and testing networks
  6. Maintaining an information security policy

The audit included a rigorous test of our servers and indicated the severity level of any potential breach, with 1 being the least severe and 5 being the most severe. Codesion achieved a top rating with no potential severe breaches.  All our servers will continue to undergo a quarterly audit as part of maintaining this status.

Screenshot from Codesion’s McAfee PCI report 

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