Codesion Brings Git to the Enterprise Cloud

December 14, 2011 Willie Wang

GIT LogoAlthough Codesion has been mainly associated with providing Enterprise Grade Cloud Hosting of Subversion, we are not a Subversion only company. Our philosophy has always been to provide the best of breed tools to help developers get things done. Therefore, I am happy to announce that our Git Hosting product is now generally available (GA).

Ultimately, Codesion believes you, the developer, should have a choice on tools that best suit your mode of development. Now, it is obvious that Codesion won’t be able to provide all the available open source development tools in the Cloud, but we want to provide the most popular ones. The reason for this philosophy is that each organization and developer has different needs. For example, an organization may be familiar with centralized development model with a single trunk, with minimal need for branching or complicated merging. In addition, this organization also needs a lightweight project management tool.  In this case, SVN + Trac are perfect tools for this organization. However, we also know that many of you want to develop in a more distributed model. This is where a DVCS like Git becomes useful. The speed, ease of branching and merging becomes important. We want to make sure that we support both, and support both well.

When you consider DVCS development workflows using Git in the context of mission critical development, I believe Codesion Git, now GA, is a smart choice. In a business, it is important to define your blessed repository. No matter how distributed your development workflow is, at some point, a defined, canonical blessed repository is important. This is the source repository that you will deploy to production. This is the repository where all approved code will be merged. This is the repository your developers will perform their initial clone. This is the repository that you should put on Codesion Git.

Why should the blessed repository reside in Codesion?

  • Codesion provides 99.9% uptime guarantee, and is one of the most reliable cloud providers of source control.  We have the numbers to prove it.  While Git was in beta, from May 2010 until December 2011, the cumulative uptime in that period is 99.98%.  This is one of the most important metrics for a business doing mission critical development.  We now have implemented a high availability architecture to insure that we can continue to stand behind 99.9% guarantee.
  • Enterprise Backup. Many argue that because Git allows a developer to clone the whole repository, you don’t need to have backup. If you have 5 developers, then essentially you have 5 backups because they would have cloned the Git repo locally. I disagree with this. If your blessed repository went down and no longer available, by using the above backup method, you will pick one of the five developer local repos and make that the blessed repository. Would you want to do that? That repo may have changes that are not ready for production. Therefore, you will need to scrub through the repo before it is ready to be the blessed repo. Instead, Codesion performs a multi-layer backup of your blessed repo for you. Our hot backup system backups up your Git repo regularly during the day, several times in an hour. We then have a cold backup system, in a separate data center, that contains your daily blessed repository backup. This insures that you can restore from backups of your blessed repo, not from a repo that is locally residing on your developer machine.
  • Enterprise Security. Codesion Git provides secure access from both HTTPS and SSH. In addition, you can configure your Git permissions and other services within Codesion via a single unified interface. If you were to host your own Git and Trac, you would have to configure permission separately within each of those applications. With Codesion, you create a developer role that encompasses permissions for both Git and Trac. Our security system then synchronizes the permission down to Git and Trac.
  • Integrations to Project Management Systems. With Codesion Git, we offer integration to ScrumWorks Pro, TeamForge Project, JIRA, Pivotal Tracker, Trac…and other project management systems. When you perform a push to your Codesion Git repository, you can associate the push to a specific backlog item or defect.

I have just highlighted several key benefits of using Codesion Git hosting as your blessed repository. There are many other features like notification, activity feed reporting, web hooks, ticket integration, and others that I did not speak of in-depth.

Finally, Codesion offers both open source and commercial grade Agile tools all under one roof. You pay one bill, select the number of users that you need, grow your plan on an as needed basis, and have access to a variety of SCM tools (git, svn, cvs), Issue Tracking (Trac, Bugzilla), Agile Project Management (ScrumWorks Pro), and Application Lifecycle Management (TeamForge project).  You can start simple with just Git, add Agile Management, and grow to ALM with the same trusted Cloud Development provider.

Try Codesion Git Hosting out FREE for 30 days and let us know what you think.

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