Codesion Enhancements: Deployment Updates, European Data Center, Analytics and more

June 2, 2011 Willie Wang

Greetings from the frog.  From time to time, we would like to update you on our new features, and talk about our product plans for the future.

New Features

Codesion Publisher Iteration

Codesion Publisher allows one click deployment of your code to any hosted server and cloud providers like AWS, Google App Engine, and Joyent.  A limitation in Codesion Publisher was that you cannot have the same type of recipe within a publishing target.  For example, if you had one EC2 Server as a target, and you wanted to use SCP to deploy code to the EC2 server, you can only have one SCP recipe for that target.  You can, within the same target, have another recipe, say rsync recipe.  Based on customers’ input and feedback, customers want to have multiple SCP recipes, same types of recipes.  This is now live.  Following the previous example, you can now have as many SCP recipes within the same target.  This is useful if you have multiple directories or apps on the same EC2 server.

Billing Information

We had many enterprise workgroup customers asking us to have better way to control the billing information on our invoices.  Therefore, under Billing -> Billing Information -> Change, you can now add that detail information.

The information entered here will show up exactly on the invoice so that you can have an invoice and receipt to your finance department with the correct billing information.

New Data Center Availability

Codesion has now expanded to Europe.  We now have a data center in Europe, located in Netherlands, that currently provides SVN access.  As we continue to build out our data center, we will be offering more services locally within the Euro zone.  If there are specific services that you would like to see in Europe, please create an idea and vote on it.  Depending on your location in Europe, beta customers have seen 2x to 3x increase in performance when doing a checkout.  You can do your own test and post your results to our article.  If you are an existing customer and want to move your SVN service to Europe, please file a support case at and we can manually move your repository.  Self-service option will come soon.


Given the recent Amazon outages, we want to let you know that as a Professional Edition customer, your data is safe with us.  As a Professional Edition customer, you have multiple level of redundancies when it comes to your code.  First, Pro Edition customers have a live, stand-by SVN server that is ready to replace the existing master server if anything goes wrong.  This process takes less than 10 minutes to minimize any down time.  This is on top of RAID disks and other hardware level redundancies.  Next, we snapshot your SVN repository every 10-15 minutes to a hot backup server.  This is a different server than the live, stand-by SVN server.  Third, on a daily basis, we take the SVN backup on the hot backup server and back that up to our cold backup servers.  These servers are located in a completely separate data center.  Therefore, even if a tornado hits our main data center and completely destroys our live server farm and hot backup server farm, you still have your data safe within the cold backup servers.  Finally, we can push the daily backup to you and you can follow your own disaster recovery and compliance processes.

Coming Soon

Ticket Integration Enhancements

Many of you have voted to improve and enhance our ticket integration framework with Trac, Buguzilla, TeamForge, Jira … etc.  You told us that you want to be able to update more status fields, handle more actions.  We will be doing an iteration on this to enhance its capability.

Codesion Analytics

We have been diligently working on a new product that will bring intelligence and insight to your code and development process.  I don’t want to talk too much about it yet because I like to show and wow rather than talk.  As we continue to iterate and develop, I will be showing different aspects of it in future blogs.

Bugzilla Upgrade

Finally, we will be upgrading Bugzilla to 4.0.1.  This is a big upgrade with new, enhanced UI for the 4.x version of Bugzilla.  This process will begin in a few weeks and we will have proper process and notifications for existing customers using Bugzilla.

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