Codesion Integrates with Zendesk!

March 22, 2012 Patrick Wolf

Based on feedback from our customers we are happy to announce the integration between our enterprise-grade, cloud development platform and Zendesk, a popular help desk solution. Teams looking to automatically link work done by their development teams to customer issues are now able to complete this workflow. In fact, developers can even close (“Solve”) multiple tickets directly with a single code change.

Using Codesion’s commit message syntax a developer can link code commits to Zendesk tickets and automatically solve the ticket; all without having to change anything in your Zendesk account, your repository, or your cloud development platform client. Any Codesion Business Plan customer can simply add Zendesk support from the “Services” page of your project, add one set of user credentials to link your project with your Zendesk account, and start updating tickets. You can start from nothing to solving all of your tickets in a matter of minutes.

Codesion will automatically attempt to match the email address of the person making the commit with a Zendesk user within your account, attaching a private message to that issue. If the email address matches an agent with the appropriate access rights they can choose to simply comment on the ticket or close it.

Click here to read more on setting up Zendesk integration with Codesion Source Control.

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