Codesion is Repackaging Plans — But Not Raising Prices

September 22, 2011 Guy Marion

Since being acquired by CollabNet, the Codesion team and CollabNet has been hard at work improving the Codesion product suite to better fit the needs of our customers.


By and large, Codesion customers fall into two camps: a) development teams using Codesion as a code and issue tracking service for personal or private projects, and b) small to mid-sized businesses seeking the reliability, support, and project management services needed for core development operations. We are focusing development efforts to improve our offering for both camps, and we have repackaged our plans to better focus on each. Note that pricing has not changed for either (in fact, we’ve slightly reduced the prices of our “Business” plans).

Changes to Plan Packages

First, Team Edition has been renamed as the “Personal” plan. The Personal plan includes our full suite of open source tools, including SCM (SVN/Git), issue and bug tracking (Bugzilla and Trac), as well as interaction with popular third party apps like Basecamp, Pivotal Tracker, and FogBuz. Personal plans are available in four flavors: Nano (2 users & 2 projects), Micro (5 users & 5 projects), Small (10 users & 10 projects), and Medium (25 users & 25 projects). Existing customers will remain on “Team Edition” plans until you upgrade to a new “Personal” Or “Business Plan”

Second, Professional Edition has been repackaged into three different “Business”plans. These plans are designed for workgroups and companies using Codesion to support mission-critical development and agile operations. The three plans are:

  1. “Business”: includes all the great tools & features in the Personal plans, plus the advanced security and backup modules, hosting on high availability infrastructure (with full failover support), support and uptime SLAs, and integrations with external agile products like Rally, Atlassian JIRA, and VersionOne. 
  2. “Agile Business”: adds the industry leading Agile Project Management tool, ScrumWorks Pro. Learn more about ScrumWorks Pro in today’s release announcement.    
  3. “Agile Enterprise”: adds both ScrumWorks Pro for Agile Project Management, and TeamForge Project for complete end-to-end application lifecycle management.

For more details visit our new Plans Overview page. Your feedback is important, and we have listened. So keep the feedback flowing!

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