Codesion Launches Interactive Community Support & Knowledge Sharing

November 5, 2009 Guy Marion

codesion community supportWe are pleased to announce the launch of the new Codesion Community Help platform. Community Help offers direct access to expert assistance, and the ability to post to monitored forums, contribute to and search our deep Knowledge Based, request and vote on features, get live data, and more.

We have also incorporated a single sign-on (SSO) framework so that customers who are logged in to Codesion can simply click “Help” in the upper right hand corner and go straight ahead.

Why has Codesion created this new Community Support environment?

Codesion has invested heavily in building this Community Support platform (partnering with Helpstream). We did so for the following main reasons:

  • Deeper Interaction: This new system creates a rich, searchable, interactive environment for customers to share ideas, identify common feature needs, discuss best practices, and communicate with Codesion technical staff.
  • Leverage community strengths: We have very smart customers who are always coming up with new ideas. We wanted YOU (as well as ourselves) to have the opportunity to learn from YOU.
  • Outstanding customer experience: As part of our focus on the business and Enterprise sectors, we are striving to propogate our expertise and deliver the level of service that companies clearly need to run their business.
  • Real time alerts: Codesion community support already integrates with Twitter and our Status Site. Look for future developments as we build out this capability.

Who Gets Access to Codesion Community Support? All Codesion customers are automatically enrolled and authenticated into Community Support. Professional Edition customers gain access to VIP Rooms (which navigates to live support options), and the general public can enter a slimmed-down version of the service. Does Community Support mean less direct support? No, Codesion customers can still file individual support cases (see per-plan Service SLAs). In addition, our support experts will be roaming the forums (actually, we get notifications of new customer posts) and Knowledge Bases, helping out wherever we can. How Do Codesion Customers Access the support system? To access the Codesion Community Help, you need to be logged in to Codesion. You can do so by:

  • Clicking login on the top right corner of Community Support, or
  • By logging in to Codesion first, then clicking “Help” in the upper right corner.

Can I Request New Features or Webinars?

Yes, Codesion customers can request features and vote on others’ requests. We will be closely watching this list, and it will help Codesion prioritize our product development roadmap.

You can also see previous customer requests that were implemented into our service.

About Helpstream

Helpstream’s Social CRM Suite is helping companies drive increased customer satisfaction by empowering their customers to collaborate and share best practices, providing them with quick and easy access to information and enabling a streamlined process to solve customer service issues.

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