Codesion’s Top 5 Blog Posts of 2010

December 20, 2010 Guy Marion

Happy Holidays from CodesionFrom all of us at Codesion we want to thank you for an amazing year! Here are our top 5 blog posts from 2010 to celebrate our success. From CVSDude to Codesion to CollabNet, it’s been a wild ride and we couldn’t have done it without the loyalty and support of our customers. Thank you and happy holidays!

#5 – The Dude Abides No More, Say Hello to Codesion

On February 1st we changed our name from CVSDude to Codesion – Bringing cohesion to code control. The comic paints a picture of our history, our growth, and our long-debated decision to move beyond CVSDude. Codesion ushered in the next phase of our growth, which we spent the rest of the year expanding from Subversion hosting (and CVS/Trac/Bugzilla/DAV) to a range of software development services, all of which are centrally managed from the FrogSAFE Platform.

#4 – Continuous Integration – Basic Overview & Best Practices

A guest blog post Adam Leggett at MikeCI, a Codesion partner offering hosted continuous integration services. He discusses why you need CI, the essential ingredients needed and the role of the CI server.

#3 – Code, Test and Deploy in the Cloud

A step-by-step rundown on how to set up a solid Agile process for coding, testing and deploying via the cloud, including three main components – source control management, continuous integration, and deployment recipes.

#2 – Codesion + CollabNet = Subversion Epicenter of the World

In October we announced the merger of Codesion into CollabNet, the founder and corporate sponsor of Subversion. A new comic helps paint the picture of the transition. Since the announcement, we have added TeamForge Project, launched Subversion training programs, and are currently working on integration with ScrumWorks Pro (stay tuned in 2011).

#1 – The Best of Subversion 1.7

Back in February Mark outlined some of the new features expected to be released with Subversion 1.7. We’re eagerly anticipating it’s release but you’ll have to wait until Q1 2011. The cool features include a new protocol for Subversion (HTTPv2), new working copy library (libsvn_wc), early obliterate support, and augmented diff representation (svn patch).

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