CollabNet: Bringing Agile, DevOps and Cloud Computing Together

April 24, 2012 Jim Ensell

It’s been almost 11 years since the Agile Manifesto was drafted, signaling one of the biggest shifts in the software development industry. Improvements in how we develop and deliver software continue every day, week, month and year. One of the “cause and effect” impacts of Agile has been the emergence of DevOps into the software lifecycle mix. With software being developed at a much quicker pace, the need to bolster collaboration between previously disparate teams and automate “the last mile” has risen to the forefront.

At CollabNet, we increasingly see how development teams are bringing both Agile and DevOps to the cloud to streamline and automate the build and release process. Just as Agile, and, more recently, DevOps and Continuous Delivery, continue to mature and take hold in the enterprise, cloud development is quickly evolving to enable new levels of collaboration and automation for both small teams and, increasingly, larger distributed teams.

Be sure to join us next Monday, April 30, to learn more on how we will bring cloud development, Agile and DevOps together!

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