CollabNet Subversion Edge 1.0.1 released

July 2, 2010 Mark Phippard

I have just pushed the bits for the CollabNet Subversion Edge 1.0.1 release to the package repository. Those of you that have installed Subversion Edge should be able to see these updates now and install them. Click on the Administration tab and then Software Updates and ask it to check for updates. Your system will also do this automatically at midnight and then notify you of the updates when you login. These are the first live updates we have pushed out so it would be great to receive feedback about how the process works for you. We use the feature internally to receive each development build, but it is always good to hear how the feature works in the wild.

Subversion 1.6.12 was released last week so we have also made those binaries available via the update mechanism. For CollabNet Subversion Edge, there are four artifacts addressed in this release. All of them are based on feedback we received from early users.
  • Error logging in when server is run on non-English Windows locale.
  • Improved Linux start script to check for JAVA_HOME and also to show startup progress
  • Application failed to start if sudo not installed. (Note: the application does not require sudo, but we can use it to start Apache on port 80. There was just an error in checking if sudo was configured when it did not exist at all).
  • Grails runtime exception in software updates screen when there is no network connectivity

Again, please provide us feedback in the user forum and let us know how you are enjoying the features offered by Subversion Edge. It would be great to hear from anyone that has struggled to manage a Subversion instance and how Subversion Edge has helped. We also want to hear how the process of connecting Subversion Edge to your existing repositories worked for you. Did we provide enough documentation to help with this process? etc.


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