CollabNet Subversion Edge Shines with Solaris

October 26, 2010 Mark Phippard

I am pleased to announce the immediate availability of CollabNet Subversion Edge 1.3.0. The defining feature of this release is support for Solaris 10 on sparc and x86. With this release we now are providing Subversion Edge on all of the same platforms as our original CollabNet Subversion binaries. Of course we have actually expanded the number of platforms as we also officially added support for SuSE 11, Windows Vista/7 and 2008 Server, not to mention 64-bit Windows.

This release also adds support for internationalization of the Subversion Edge web user interface. We are providing initial translations from our team for Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Portuguese and we will be looking for and accepting additional translations from community members for future releases. We have established a wiki page with information on contributing translations.

Another often requested feature we have added in this release is the ability to login to the Subversion Edge console using your LDAP credentials. LDAP can be challenging to configure correctly and there are subtle differences in implementations. We did not want to add any more complications, so we decided to implement this feature by using Apache. A side effect of this decision is that you can only login using LDAP credentials if the Apache server is running, but the benefit is that it uses the exact same Apache code to authenticate your users that the Subversion repository will use. This guarantees it will work the same and you will not have to troubleshoot two LDAP configurations. If you already use Subversion Edge with LDAP and you have customized any of the Apache configuration files that we generate, you will likely need to take a new look at the files we generate in order to use this feature. For existing users that have not manually edited any of the configuration files, it should work automatically after upgrade.

When a user first logs in using their LDAP credentials they are added to the list of Users with the normal end-user role. You can elevate a user’s permissions so that they have rights to administer the Subversion Edge console using their LDAP credentials. To do this, simple click on the Role you want to assign the user and then add them to the list of users with that role. The next time they login they will have the additional permissions. Finally, we do not provide any support for changing your LDAP profile information or password from Subversion Edge. We think this is an obvious restriction, but nonetheless, it is worth stating.

This is our seventh release of Subversion Edge since the middle of June. The uptake and interest in Subversion Edge has been even better than we hoped and we think you will enjoy the features in this release just as you have the previous releases.

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