Congrats to our Coding Corps ScrumMasters!

June 3, 2016 Eric Robertson

Last week, CollabNet, in partnership with #YesWeCode, a Dream Corps initiative designed to bring technology training and industry connections to 100,000 young people in communities of color, hosted Agile training for eight Bay Area students.

These students are now certified ScrumMasters, meaning they now have management-level skills to facilitate the organization of a product development team. As I mentioned in my previous post, these courses for students in our community help to build a diverse workforce by tapping into populations of non-traditional learners and increasing their long-term employment opportunities.

Congrats to our Coding Corps ScrumMasters-Image 1

Caption: Coding Corps members learn Agile methodologies in Scrum training course taught by CollabNet.

CollabNet has a deep understanding of how important it is for today’s modern and distributed businesses to apply Agile methodologies for success in any software or application development project. The need for skills around Scrum to manage the development lifecycle allows for collaboration and visibility across all people and processes, which is vital when you have hundreds and often thousands of end-points to coordinate. An Agile framework ensures both the speed and cost savings necessary for organizations to remain competitive in an industry that moves lightning-fast.

This initial training course is only the beginning of a number of initiatives #YesWeCode and CollabNet will partner to provide over the coming year to build diversity within the technology workforce and continue CollabNet’s heritage of contributing to its community.

Congrats to our Coding Corps ScrumMasters-Image 2

Caption: Now certified ScrumMasters, these Coding Corps members graduated on May 27th and have the opportunity to further their careers by offering valuable skills in project management on development teams.

Congrats to all our graduates, we look forward to seeing where your career takes you!


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Eric Robertson

Eric Robertson is responsible for product management and marketing at CollabNet VersionOne. Prior to CollabNet, Eric served as Director of services and portfolio management for enterprise solutions at Unisys. Eric joined Cisco through a company acquisition, where he led product management for Cisco's cloud automation and SAP ALM extension offerings. Eric has successfully held product development, services and management roles with enterprises and start-ups and has provided consulting services to Fortune 500 companies. Eric holds a patent in the area of virtualization and a Master's Degree in Electrical and Software Engineering from University of Texas in Austin and continues to further his research in domain- specific languages, and intelligent automation.

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