Connect with Your Customers through Ideas Management

January 10, 2012 Andy Powell

Hopefully most of you know about VersionOne Ideas, our ideas management capability that allows product management to engage directly with customers by automating the process of capturing, collaborating on, and prioritizing feature requests.

Implementing VersionOne Ideas takes a little foresight.  What would compel a busy user to spend the time to submit an idea?

One of our customers, Sage Software, answered this question in the following way:

  • Different organizations within the company reinforce that VersionOne Ideas is the place to capture feedback.  When talking with customers, both Sales and Customer Support educate customers on the usage of VersionOne Ideas as the place to cast their votes for what should get into the software.
  • VersionOne Ideas is integrated into Sage’s product survey, which is integrated into their product.  At regular intervals, the product asks users if they would like to take a short survey.  At the end of the survey, VersionOne Ideas is offered as a forum for submitting specific feature suggestions.
  • VersionOne Ideas is integrated into the Sage product.  By following a navigation path from within the product, users are able to provide feedback without having to remember how to get there.

None of these approaches is particularly difficult to implement.  They result in users knowing about VersionOne Ideas and having easy access to it, so they share feedback.  For Sage, the entire organization gets both qualitative feedback (the comments) and quantitative feedback (the votes), which helps product management understand customer demand.  Less time is spent reaching consensus on customer demand, and product management has a list of customers to contact for additional analysis of the features that are selected.

Would you like to learn more about how Sage’s product managers have had success with VersionOne?  Register for our upcoming webinar.

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