Customer first: Welcome to CCF 2.2.1

August 23, 2013 CollabNet VersionOne

What to expect from a point release of CollabNet’s Software Lifecycle Integration Platform (CCF)?

That it has been sucessfully qualified against all available synch plugins (TeamForge, HP Quality Center, MS Team Foundation Server, ClearQuest, Jira, Scrumworks Pro, …)?  – Definitely

That it plays very well with the brand new look and feel of our newest member of supported synch plugins – TeamForge 7.0? – Sure

That it fixes bugs encountered in previous releases? – No big deal

So it is no surprise that CCF 2.2.1 delivers all this – official support for TeamForge 7.0, bug fixes and a couple of nice minor features like enhanced synch tuning options available over its Web UI and REST API. However, we wanted to surprise you and give you more than what you’d expect. For this reason, we analyzed all CCF customer support requests and sorted them by root cause. By far the biggest hurdle seemed to be setting it up correctly. Especially configuring the correct URL and location for the so called IAF dummy service proved to be very cumbersome and frustrating. In the past, we did our best to provide extensive documentation on how to do this correctly, packaged add-ons, standalone services, etc.

You probably noticed, that this blog does not contain any link to new IAF documentation. This is because you do no longer need it: This time, we went back and asked ourselves

“Wouldn’t it be cool if a user setting up CCF does not have to know anything about IAF  at all and CCF would just do the right thing?”

And this is what we just did (with great help from TeamForge Core engineering). Starting from TeamForge 7.0, there is no need to configure any IAF dummy service for CCF any longer as TeamForge ships with a built in service and CCF will detect it and automatically configure itself correctly – That’s it.

Finally, please allow me to post at least one link, the one to CCF 2.2.1 release notes.

Hoping you enjoy our new point release as much as we do and stay tuned for further surprises!

Johannes, for the CCF Team

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