“do or do not… there is no try.”

January 26, 2011 lonnie.haire

have you worked with multiple agile teams that are executing the same way? adopting the same practices and/or techniques? using the same tools to accomplish agility? yea~ me either… industry wide or even within large organizations.

how often do those teams adapt and improve? how many times can you remember a compromise being made because of the tools they are using? often~ in most cases… the latter case can be addressed when the tools being used are developed on an open platform.

VersionOne takes a best-of-breed approach on an open integration platform for agile organizations. as an organization’s agile adoption scales, the more difficult it can be to maintain a centralized project management backlog for reporting. VersionOne helps make that easier for multiple teams adopting practices and tools at different rates, continuously improving agility across the entire sdlc, eliminating the rigidity of more traditional software development suites. VersionOne delivers ready-to-use integrations with some of the most commonly used commercial and open-source software development tools, and our community has contributed even more.

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