Enterprise CI As-A-Service with Jenkins

November 11, 2014 CollabNet VersionOne

Continuous Integration is rapidly gaining adoption in large and small organizations alike.  However, while successfully implemented at the team-level, most organizations are struggling to scale CI across multiple teams or enterprise-wide.

Frequently implemented as a dev process and not tied to the rest of the software development life cycle.  Resulting in shadow IT, silo’d processes and information, and ultimately a lack of real time visibility across all stakeholders. And even greater implications such as risk of IP loss due to lack of corporate governance controls (e.g., RBAC, security and traceability).

In this 30 minute webinar you’ll hear how to scale CI as-as-service using Jenkins across hundreds of teams using TeamForge. Imagine a world where you allow every team across your enterprise to rapidly self-access CI tools of their choosing, while central IT maintains full visibility and control with minimal effort.  

Topics Covered:

  • Implementing CI as-a-service in the enterprise

  • A case study for establishing an organization-wide build ecosystem at a global financial services company

  • Demonstration of enterprise-grade Jenkins solution

Register here for the webinar series on “Scaling CI/CD & DevOps Across the Enterprise”

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