Enterprise-Hardening Git with Gerrit and TeamForge Webinar Q&A

September 5, 2012 Lothar Schubert

On July 27th, we conducted the webinar, “Enterprise-Hardening Git with Gerrit and TeamForge”. In the session, we outlined Git advantages and challenges when deployed in the enterprise. We also demonstrated how TeamForge with Gerrit lets you implement a hybrid (Subversion and Git) SCM model.

In particular, we covered:

  • Significance of Git for Enterprise Cloud Development (ECD)
  • Top Git enterprise benefits and challenges
  • Solutions for enterprise-grade Git deployments
  • Introduction (and demos) of TeamForge with Gerrit
  • Hybrid SCM deployment options (Subversion and Git)

During the webinar, we encouraged the participants to interact with us through polls and live Q&A. We received many great questions that we just couldn’t get to during the live event so we have provided answers to the audience’s questions below.

If you missed the session live, you can watch the recording and download our slides. For more resources and to sign up for updates and information about Git, visit www.collab.net/gotgit.

As promised, here’s the follow up to the live audience questions we received:

Which Git versions does TeamForge support?

CollabNet TeamForge is not tied to any specific version. In addition, TeamForge is very flexible in terms of supported Git clients.

Does TeamForge’s code search work across Git repository?

Yes, Black Duck® Code Sight™ (embedded with TeamForge) allows you to search the contents of all your repositories within TeamForge, to find the snippets of code that are useful for developers.

Does TeamForge integrate with remote hosted repository?

TeamForge supports workflow to push to any remote repositories, within or outside of TeamForge. Git in fact accommodates very well for such a model. For example you can clone a TeamForge repository, make commits directly to your local repository and then push to any other repository.

What about encryption?

While the local Git repository itself does not provide for dedicated encryption, you can encrypt the file system itself (assuming that your file system can work with Git natively).

Do you provide on-site (on-premises) or hosted (cloud) Git options?

CollabNet provides all of the above: on-site and hosted (private / public cloud).

Can TeamForge manage Subversion and Git together?

Yes!  You can manage Subversion (SVN) and Git together with one platform, within one project.

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Enterprise-Hardening Git with Gerrit and TeamForge Webinar Q&A

On July 27th, we conducted the webinar, “Enterprise-Hardening Git with Gerrit and TeamForge”. In the sessio...

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