Fall 2013 Release: I Plan to Re-plan

October 15, 2013 Mark Crowe

Some years back, Luke Hohmann introduced me to the phrase, “I plan to re-plan.” It’s a somewhat awkward phrase which caused me to stop and ponder it for a moment.

“Is re-planning the ultimate purpose of planning?”

No, planning is not a goal in and of itself. That couldn’t be it.

“Is Luke saying that he feel’s he is particularly bad at planning?”

I already knew Luke well enough to know he was a pretty sharp dude, so that couldn’t be it, either, but I was on to something.

“Oh, I get it. Plans, by their very nature, are imperfect. If you’re planning, it is inevitable that you will need to adjust those plans, so make room in your plans for re-planning down the road.”

Yes, that’s the ticket. That’s the message that needs broadcasting because so many people trick themselves and others into believing that plans are reality.

Planning, then, is really just a step in a cyclical activity:

Planning Cycle

Without execution and analysis to complete the cycle, a plan is just a point-in-time guess. It may be valuable in the moment, but a plan quickly loses its relevance as reality starts happening.

PlanningRoom, meet Analytics.

PlanningRooms gain a new component in our Fall 2013 Release that allows them to provide complete support for that entire cycle. You can now embed an Analytics Dashboard right within your PlanningRoom to allow all room members to analyze results and factor that insight into the next round of planning. You can choose the metrics that apply to your planning style: classic agile metrics such as a Burndown; Lean metrics such as Cycle Time; or *Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe™) metrics such as Feature Completion. If that’s not enough, you can even roll your own by creating a custom report panel and including that in your PlanningRoom view. It’s really nice to be able to have all of this functionality available to all of your room members – another big step in the direction of “Agile Your Way.”

PlanningRoom Cycle

And More…

There are some other great additions in this Fall 2013 Release that strengthen the searching capabilities, streamline feature elaboration, provide more SAFe reporting options and more.

Check out the Fall 2013 Release Notes. It’ll be worth your while.


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