Fast Track Your Subversion Journey to the Cloud – Q&A

October 10, 2011 Willie Wang

On September 28th, I co-presented the webinar, “Fast-Track your Subversion Journey to the Cloud,” with Bob Jenkins, Director, Subversion Services at CollabNet. We covered deployment options for SVN – on-site, hybrid or cloud and how to decide what’s best for your organization. We also talked about solutions and services to help your organization transition to the cloud. We encouraged our attendees to come to the session armed with all the questions they have always wanted to ask about Subversion. As a result, we received many great questions that we just couldn’t get to during the live event, so we have provided answers to the audience’s questions below.

If you missed the live session, you can watch the recording and download my slides. I also encourage you to download CollabNet Subversion Edge as is the answer for easy installation, administration, security, and governance of your Subversion environment. Also, don’t forget to register for our upcoming webinars. CollabNet offers multiple webinars a month that cover a variety of topics related to software development.

As promised, here’s the follow up to the live audience questions.

Q: When will SVN 1.7 be available?
A: It is available now! Please visit: Subversion 1.7.0 Release Candidate to learn more.

Q: How does IP restrictions work in Codesion?

A: We have an IP Whitelist feature. You simply tell us what IP should be allowed (whitelisted), and all other connections to Codesion services will be denied.

Q: Can you expand on SVN replication – when to use, when not to use?

A: SVN replication typically is used for 2 purposes.  First, to gain local performance in a global architecture.  Second, it can be used to provide high availability by mirroring your SVN server.  In the case of Cloud SVN, with Codesion, you can rest assure that your SVN services are redundant (we have RAID’d servers, and provide 99.9% uptime), however, you can also leverage Push Backups to replicate to a local SVN server via svnsync for ultimate peace of mind.  We can also offer our customers replicated SVN in different geographic areas to improve performance.

Q: Can I access TeamForge and ScrumWorks pro in the cloud?

A: Of course! All Free Trials include full access to all Codesion features/services for free for 30 days. And you can be accessing TeamForge or ScrumWorks Pro in several minutes. To continue using these services beyond your trial you will need to select the appropriate plan.

Q: For on-premises, what back-up strategy do you recommend?

A: Always backup often and off-site.

For example in Codesion, we do backup every 10 minutes, and we place those backups in a complete different data center (ie: If the SVN servers are in Dallas, TX, we transfer the 10/30 backups – via a private subnet – to other 2 different data centers: Seattle, and Washington, DC).

That way we can even react in utterly unexpected events – like even natural disasters.

Q: How are upgrades managed in Codesion? As a customer, can I choose when to upgrade?

A: Actually, yes, you can!

For most of our plans, the servers are upgraded together.  In this case, all SVN repositories on that server is upgraded at the same time.  However, with our more advanced, enterprise grade plans, we can offer a dedicated SVN server.  In that case, we can work with our customers to schedule a upgrade of their SVN server.

Q: Where are your data centers?

A: At the moment we have 4 SAS70 compliant data centers: 3 in the US, and 1 in data center in Europe. (By default all our users are placed in the US, but if desired, you can request to be placed in Europe.)

In the US, the data centers are located in: Dallas, TX., Seattle, WA., and Washington, DC.

In the EU, the data center is in: Haarlem, Netherlands.

Q: How can I migrate my local SVN repo to Codesion?

A: As simply as uploading your SVN dump, and running our import wizard

Q: Can I use SVNE with my existing SVN server?

A: SVNE is the server…  You probably want to leverage SVNE to the fullest by making it the replacement of your current SVN server. It’s the same SVN, but SVNE easier to manage…. Of course, for zero server installation/maintenance consider Codesion Cloud Services.

Q: What’s your uptime guarantee?

A: We have 99.9% Uptime SLA for our Business plans and Private Clouds! – And it’s not rare to enjoy uptime hovering 99.99%

Q: Is this happening now?

A: You bet!… It’s happening right here, right now!

Q: Does CollabNet host subversion for a CJIS compliant clients?

A: We are SAS70, and PCI compliant. Also have Government departments as customers using Codesion services. And CollabNet has implemented for the US DoD – But please do raise up to your Sales rep. any questions you might have about your particular organization requirements.

Q: Are there any restriction to the environment of your network before going to a cloud solution?

A: When it comes to a public cloud, like Codesion’s Enterprise grade Subversion hosting, because of the multitenant nature of the solution, we don’t allow SSH access to the servers for example.

However, when it comes to a Private or Hybrid Cloud you have much more control over the infrastructure and network.

Q: How would you compare Subversion to GIT?

A: With Codesion Cloud Services…. you can actually compare them yourself!!

Codesion does offer both Subversion and GIT. So you can be sure that our platform will support your organizational mood changes.

What’s best? You can find plenty of endless (borderline religious) discussions on which one is best (we did one analysis too). But, that really depends on you and your organization wants/needs.

They are both mature enough, widely used (SVN is by far the most popular, however), and they will both keep revisions of your source code in a reliable approach.

But… are you excited about leveraging distributed repositories, and having each developer be free of a centralized-only repo – then give GIT a try in Codesion, and see what’s all about.

Or, if just the thought of having multiple different independent repositories make you cringe – then just stick to Subversion also available in Codesion.

Q: Are there any migration tools to move from PVCS version manager to Subversion Edge or even other SCM’s like one from Oracle to Subversion?

A: In Codesion we do have Professional Service available for these type of scenarios. We have done multiple conversions of Perforce, SourceSafe, CVS, etc… Please contact our for more details. (Be sure to create a Free Trial first).

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