Ferguson Enterprises Improves Agile Transformation Success

September 27, 2016 CollabNet VersionOne


  • Easy access to reporting and visualizations to track progress
  • Improved enterprise collaboration
  • Accelerated transition to agile
  • Strong partnership to ensure success


Ferguson Enterprises Inc., the largest wholesaler of commercial and residential plumbing supplies in North America, has been a VersionOne customer since 2012. Ferguson started with a few agile teams in the U.S. and offshore, and was planning to scale agile across the entire organization.

It was difficult to efficiently manage multiple projects and teams because stakeholders didn’t have visibility into the high-level initiatives, issues, trends, and the context of releases in the portfolio. There was a lack of collaboration between the teams. In addition, they didn’t have an easy way to access and share up-to-date, accurate reports on progress with the management team. “We needed an enterprise agile platform that could improve the overall success of our agile initiatives,” said Nick Hopkins, the manager of agile implementation.


Ferguson Enterprises conducted an extensive review of agile solutions. “While other tools offered similar features, the final difference for us was the VersionOne associates who stand behind their product and supported us throughout the selection process,” said Hopkins. “As a company, VersionOne delivered on their commitments, offering a solution that was highly customizable, easy to train, fit our needs, and provided a consistent approach to agile. Their willingness to work with us during the evaluation phase was very impressive. They gave us ample time to review the software and conducted several demos with slightly configured solutions.”

“From the first call we felt like we were partners looking for the right solution.”

Nick Hopkins
Manager of Agile Implementation
Ferguson Enterprises, Inc.


“VersionOne has transformed our agile teams from rank amateur status to full-out agile professionals,” explained Hopkins. “Our entire organization now looks to VersionOne as the source of truth about the work we’re doing.” Conversations are helping the agile teams keep in touch with offshore teams throughout the work day, while maintaining a record of what decisions are being made and the progress to date. The teams are spending less time reacting and more time proactively work on impediments and potential bottlenecks before they happen.

As a result of working with VersionOne, Ferguson has improved strategic planning, alignment across the organization, and the quality of the products delivered to their customers.

A big part of Ferguson’s success has been the support from VersionOne’s coaches. “The coaching team is extremely knowledgeable and focused on helping us achieve agile success,” explained Hopkins. “Our teams are much more motivated because of the engagement and this helped to accelerate our transition to agile. For Ferguson, VersionOne’s coaching has been a ‘must-have’ in helping us successfully ramp up agile.”


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