First European Gerrit Hackathon

June 28, 2013 Dariusz Luksza

During the 7th to 9th of May 2013 first European Gerrit Hackathon took place in London. This time there were twelve participants from a variety of companies like Sony Mobile, SAP, Google, Qualcomm, GerritForge, Cisco, Spotify and of course CollabNet represented by myself.

During three days of hackathon we had multiple discussions about current project state, its future and new functionalities request by users and ourselves. There is no hackathon without code sessions, same was true for this one, new cool features were implemented like:

  • patch inline editing – users can edit patch in the browser. This simplify overhead of fixing small issues like typos and comments, instead of fetching patch locally, amending it and pushing back to Gerrit, user can do everything in browser.
  • plugin capabilities – this will enable plugins to add theirs own access right categories like eg. start-replication, delete-project, delete-group
  • statistics – that was a matter of time that somebody would like to generate statistics and reports from Gerrit,
  • and something that is unusual for hackathons – documentation improvements.

Most of those features will be available in Gerrit 2.8.

My personal focus this time was on Gerrit WebUI extendability. With some help from other participants I came up with proof of concept for servers side UI extension points and JavaScript event based API for native extensions. Another area tackled by me was AngularJS based replacement for GWT WebUI in Gerrit. You will not see my work merged soon into the master branch, since they are changing some core parts for Gerrit, but hope this will at least start some discussion around those topics.

You can find more detailed description of this event on my blog.

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