Flexible Grid Customization – Part 2 of 2

September 30, 2012 CollabNet VersionOne

Continuing on from my original post, I wanted to bring up a question that I’m always asked; “How do I get visibility into dependencies between work items?”  That’s a great question that leads into my demonstration of how powerful grid customization really is.

The Sprint Planning section of VersionOne is utilized by the ScrumMaster and team to see what all can be scheduled into the next sprint.  In this section we provide Velocity reporting, which gives the ScrumMaster a good gauge on how much the team can handle for this new sprint.

Many would agree that this is probably a good place to understand dependencies and ensure that the work being scheduled into the sprint is being scheduled in the right order.  This is just a prime example of how Grid Customization provides both value and visibility in this matter.  The ScrumMaster can customize the grid to see if dependencies are being satisfied and if not, what work needs to be scheduled in order for them to be satisfied.

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