Gaining Visibility and Traceability Across Your DevOps Pipelines

December 22, 2016 CollabNet VersionOne

We recently participated in the Open Source Developer Webcast Series, which our partner Carahsoft hosted.

During his session, Kevin Hancock, our Senior Director of Worldwide Field Operations, discussed the basics of DevOps as well as how CollabNet DevOps Lifecycle Manager (DLM) can help development teams deliver quality software at scale through increasing visibility, traceability, and automation throughout the pipeline.

Hancock mentioned that one of the challenges of DevOps is joining together development and operations teams who see the world in fundamentally different ways.

How do you solve this cultural rift?

Hancock advised fostering transparency across teams to build trust and ensure that everyone is working toward the same goal – delivering higher business value.

He further emphasized the importance of using key performance indicators (KPIs), especially ones that measure how quickly tasks are completed and where bottlenecks are, to measure the success of a DevOps transformation.

Without these KPIs in place, teams would not be able to understand what’s going well, what‘s going wrong, and where they can improve.

Lastly, many organizations, especially at the enterprise level, are using many tools and processes that are asynchronous. CollabNet DLM can help by providing visibility and traceability across the entire software development lifecycle.

To learn more about CollabNet’s view of DevOps and how our suite of products can help your development teams’ initiatives, access Hancock’s on-demand “Gaining Visibility and Traceability” webcast (Session 4 of the Carahsoft series).

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