Getting the Full Picture – and sharing it

March 31, 2011 Victor Hernandez

* As a Project Manager, it would be helpful for me to look at the “full picture” on the Backlog – not only the Stories, but also their related Tasks and Tests.  How do I accomplish this?

The Product Planning sections provide a Product Owner the tools to create and organize a Project Backlog at a high level.  Therein, he/she would create the high-level Backlog Items (i.e. features or stories) without necessarily planning the items themselves. This can certainly be accomplished from this view, and some Product Owners, with direct feedback from the team, may indeed start decomposing a story at this stage.  Since this represents the first step in creating and grooming the Backlog, though, the Tasks/Tests are not displayed on the grid by default.  That being said, there is the option to show these in the Backlog by selecting Filter > Show Tasks and Tests and tweaking the filter.

Backlog with Tasks and Tests

A Backlog, showing all related Tasks and Tests

* My Project Manager would like to attach our stories, with tasks, to a report we are going to send to our client.  How can I export such information from the system?

As any grid in the system can be exported to Excel, the Backlog can be filtered to export said information with as much detail as you need.

You can:

  • Configure the Backlog list/grid, adding and/or removing columns to display the information that the client would need to see (i.e., Title, Project, Description, etc.)
  • Select Filter > Show Tasks and Tests
  • Export

The resulting Excel file will display the Story and its related Tasks and Tests with the corresponding information as configured on the grid.

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