Git enterprise support is now just a click away…

November 8, 2012 Mohan Achar

CollabNet Enterprise Support has expanded their services line to include Git enterprise support. With over ten years of experience providing enterprise-grade support for open source and commercial SCM tools, CollabNet is an industry leader in SCM technical expertise and support. The fact that many of the top Fortune 500 enterprises with thousands of Git users already rely on CollabNet for Git support is a testament to our expertise. [tweet this]

The greatest value proposition of the new CollabNet Git support plan is that enterprises will have a direct connection with the skilled Git support team. This support team will work with the customer to design a customized support model to help them achieve the maximum benefit of their Git implementation.

CollabNet provides 24/7 Git enterprise support, guaranteed SLAs and response times, and professional guidance on best practices for both stand-alone Git implementations or  hybrid Subversion/Git implementations. For more information on our Git and other product support plans and services visit

Enterprise Git Management


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