Git for the Enterprise: Secure, Scalable, Standards-Compliant

October 3, 2012 Lothar Schubert



Git is the world’s leading distributed version control system (DVCS). According to the latest Eclipse developer survey, with 27% market share Git today is the second most popular SCM (source code management) tool, after Subversion.

For most enterprises however, effective management of Git is a challenge. So says Gartner (2011) : “The adoption of DVCS has accelerated in small teams, but is moving more slowly in enterprise settings.” Up until recently, enterprises had only two options:
• Prohibit the usage of Git by enforcing corporate mandates, thereby missing out on its potential benefits, or
• Accept non-sanctioned Git deployments within the enterprise, regardless of the risk of security and governance breaches

More recently, technical innovations and emerging best practices now provide additional options to manage Git in the enterprise. Using TeamForge, organizations can realize all the benefits of working with Git while ensuring their most stringent enterprise security, scalability and standards requirements are being met.

We did compile a whitepaper, that describes common challenges and pitfalls, when it comes to Git adoption for the enterprise. The paper also summarizes best practices for making Git work in the enterprise – as a solution that is secure, scalable and fully compliant with corporate governance standards.

Topics discussed include:
– State of Git adoption
– Enterprise Git, promises and pitfalls
– Enterprise-hardening Git
– Hybrid SCM – managing Git and Subversion in parallel
– Need for enterprise SLAs

Access the whitepaper here.

Below an example of a review workflow implemented (as discussed in that whitepaper) using Git and Gerrit:


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