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March 24, 2014 Lonnie Haire

Many may not be aware, unless you are participating on our developers forum discussion group, that our platform team is hard at work collaborating with the community on a few different value-add capabilities. In particular VersionOne is beginning to offer a growing number of open source projects via GitHub. There are a few other samples like Python, PowerShell, and command line scripts available also.

Some of the conversations and implementations using the VersionOne API / SDK revolve around adhoc reporting. I’ll pick up on this topic again in a moment. Other conversation topics are much more technical like point-to-point integrations to other products, standalone utilities like estimation of stories, a task manager, an attachment manager, or extending presentation to non-VersionOne team members or stakeholders (although I personally categorize most of these as an extension of adhoc reporting topics). This is where the community contributes to some of what you will find on our GitHub repository.

Let’s circle back around to the adhoc reporting topics. I’ve worked with a lot of VersionOne evaluation teams and customers to solve some very specific reporting needs. In some situations we were able to leverage the API SDK to satisfy these needs. For instance, one customer had a desire to gain insight into how much value was being delivered per epic by sprints in order to optimize their release planning meetings.

VersionOne offers an epic dashboard to visualize an epic trend and you can customize the epic tree to view the data. This group wanted to pull the data into MS Excel to generate specific graphs. I assisted them with creating an API query that ultimately allowed them to do just that. Below is a screenshot of my POC against some demo data. This was created during an online workshop in about 30 minutes, with Q&A. I will follow up on a separate post with the details, but for now I hope this helps. We have since created some configuration options and additional reporting based on this POC.

Share with us how you have used the VersionOne API SDK to solve your business or technical needs. We really do value input from the community and seek to offer value based on the what your needs are. I invite you to Git some and give some…

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