Go Agile with Git!

January 7, 2013 CollabNet VersionOne

Kick off the Agile new year with this complimentary 3-part webinar series on Git integration with Agile software development. In this series, learn how to manage Git workflows and continuous branching and merging. Then explore the power of automated and human-based code reviews using Gerrit and Jenkins. Also, get to know best practices and see practical examples to try in your own lab.

Join CollabNet with speaker Luca Milanesio, Gerrit Code Review Contributor and co-founder of GerritForge LLP for this great complimentary webinar series to get you started in 2013!

Each webinar gradually complements the next so register for all three, today by clicking here.

Due to its flexibility, Git lends itself to team-oriented, rapid software iterations without losing control on the quality of the code (Tweet This!). Learn about best practices for managing Git workflow, and continuous branching and merging in Agile software development. In this first webinar, you will learn the basics of branching and merging with Git, the role of master repositories, and how to integrate Gerrit and Jenkins with Git. Register for this webinar, now.

The second webinar in the series is called Peer Programming & Code Review. This webinar will cover code review basics and concepts, code review workflows and governance, and code review automation with Gerrit and Jenkins. Register for this webinar, now.

The final webinar in the series is a hands-on lab with Gerrit and Jenkins. This webinar will illustrate how Git, Gerrit, and Jenkins work in concert. The webinar will also give examples of “approval” code review and commits, and “failed” code review and commits. Register for this webinar, now.

As always, our webinars are recorded and everyone who registers will receive a copy of both the recording and the slide deck. So even if you can’t make it live, register to get all the great content!

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