How Does Agile ALM Work in the Cloud?

October 18, 2010 CollabNet VersionOne

Guest blog from the founders of Subversion, CollabNet

So, you’ve picked your version control system, and of course it’s Subversion. You’re probably already working in some sort of Agile or Lean or flexible, responsive, iterative process. Maybe you’ve finished a release or two, and shipped, delivered,  deployed, or installed it (as the case may be). And you have customers and users. Great!

Now, they start asking for features and fixes, you discover just one or two little “oversights” in your work, and suddenly you’re reminded that continued success takes more work than just creating, and more kinds of work than just development, and more kinds of safeguards than just unit testing. What you’re talking about is “ALM.”

ALM encompasses all of the practices, processes and tools that aid in managing an application’s lifecycle from both a business and development perspective. Key capabilities of an ALM platform include the ability to handle change management, workflow, source code management, task management, testing and bug tracking, lab management, reporting and analytics. An ALM platform should also include a central repository for managing all of the various types of content created (i.e. code, tasks, roles, requirements, and other artifacts) as well as a system for establishing traceability and accountability across the ALM platform’s many processes, locations, and tool types.

A lot is involved in ALM! No software system is so simple that the entire development can be entirely scripted from beginning to end in a linear fashion, which is why we are seeing a shift in the market to “Agile ALM”. Simply stated, both the ALM and Agile communities are focused on improving the current state of software development. While ALM approaches the challenge from a technology point of view, Agile is focused on improving the “process”.

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