How Software Development Has Evolved and Where It’s Heading

December 14, 2016 CollabNet VersionOne

How do we bridge the gap between software development and operations in order to relieve the enterprise from the pain of the glaring problems caused by disparate toolsets?

CollabNet CEO Flint Brenton addresses that topic in this recently published DevOps Digest article: “Software Development, the Enterprise, and 20/20 Vision: Getting a Clear Picture with Next-Gen DevOps.”

Brenton takes a look at the evolution of software development and the movement toward a new generation of tools. This new breed of solutions advances visibility, measurement, and teamwork in order to accelerate the software development pipeline and improve quality.

He discusses how having the correct metrics at your fingertips can spark a new level of collaboration and management across the software development process and how capturing and measuring data is vital to delivering applications at the speed of business.

Ultimately, the next generation of DevOps solutions will connect development more closely to other areas of the business. This will take place due to quality metrics, a single-pane-of-glass view across projects, and new ways of conducting processes that will be enabled in the next generation of DevOps solutions. Learn more about these exciting ideas and the promise of the future DevOps generation here.

Want to know more about where our CEO thinks DevOps is headed next year? You can also check out his prediction for 2017 in DevOps Digest’s annual DevOps predictions list.

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