How to Manage Permissions as an Administrator on CloudForge – Simple & Easy!

January 9, 2013 Jesse Yowell

With the roll-out of CloudForge, I have received numerous questions about adding the correct permissions on one’s project(s).  Our team wanted to make this an easier and more streamlined process for development team leads that would give access to all services in CloudForge with a few clicks!  When you are on your project dashboard page, you might have noticed a ‘Users’ section:

Users section

In this section, you can see who has access to a certain project.  Once you click on ‘Manage’ you’ll see the the new ‘General Project Access’ screen:

GPA screen

Now that I have my list of users, but what does this mean?  All users on this list have ‘General Project Access’ to my ‘Eclipse’ project…meaning they will now have R/W access to Subversion and Git, as well as user access to any project management service (Bugzilla, Trac, TeamForge).  You’ll need to make sure you’ve first added the service on the project dashboard (look for the blue ‘Add Service’ button), but that is it!  Your team members will be ready to checkout and commit to your project.  Administrators can make this even easier by adding groups under the ‘Manage Groups’ menu and then adding them to the above list (under ‘Groups’).

But what about the old way of adding permissions?  It still exists!  It is now found under the ‘Admin’ menu under ‘Permissions’.

You can select the root project folder and assign permissions or select individual services (or folders, depending on the service involved). This works similar to the old Codesion system:  select the target, add a role, then save!

In my next blog, I will be discussing some more advanced features of the Permissions menu, but this should give you a good start and have your team up and ready in no time.  If you’re still experiencing issues with permissions or something doesn’t look quite right, please contact

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