Importing an existing Subversion repository

May 3, 2010 CollabNet VersionOne

We have just updated our Subversion import procedure to much more simple and easy to use. We’ve had a lot of customer feedback telling us that the process of uploading a ZIP file of an existing Subversion repository dump file was cumbersome and confusing, we’ve listened and responded by simplifying this process. Now you can upload a ZIP or 7z file via our web GUI (for repositories < 200MB), or use our WebDAV drive to upload your ZIP / 7z file (for repositories >= 200MB).

Step 1: dump and ZIP up your repository Make sure you ZIP up a dump file of your repository NOT a checked out working copy or the repository itself. To make sure you’ve got the right one, please generate a dump file. For Mac / Linux Create dump file > svnadmin dump /path/to/myrepository > myrepository.dump ZIP up the dump file > zip myrepository.dump  For Windows Make sure you’ve downloaded Subversion from here and installed the Windows binary. From the Windows command prompt, click on “Start” then enter “cmd” into the run box. Then enter… > "c:Program FilesCollabNetSubversion Serversvnadmin.exe" dump c:myrepo > c:myrepo.dump ZIP up the dump file (in Windows you can right-click the file name and click on compress). Once you have your ZIP file it will look something like this, Remember this file name, as you’ll need to upload it to Codesion. Step 2: Is the archive (ZIP) > or < 200MB? Based on this fact you’ll need to either upload directly from our web site or upload to our DAV drive. Note: You can still upload via our WebDAV drive if your repository is < 200MB, we just provide the web upload feature for convenience. If >= 200MB, skip to step 2.2 Step 2.1: Import via Wizard Login to and click on the Projects tab, then click on the project into which you want to import your repository. Once your on your projects landing page, click on the Subversion link under “Services” (If you’ve not added the Subversion service, please click “New” beside “Services”. Then click on “Upload Existing Repository”. Next click on “Start ZIP import Wizard”. Next click on Browse and select the ZIP file from your computer / PC. This will then upload the ZIP file to Codesion’s servers and present you with a screen like the following. Click on “Next” to validate the ZIP file. Our system will process the import and you should be presented with the following screen, and your done! Step 2.2: Import via WebDAV drive If your repository ZIP is >= 200MB, then you’ll need to upload via our WebDAV drive. Please follow our guide on how to setup your WebDAV Network drive. On the “SVN Import” page, click on the “Start dav import wizard”. Choose the location in any of your WebDAV network drives where you uploaded your zipped dump file. Wait for the process to complete… And eventually it will complete… And your done!

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