Infographic: Git in the Enterprise

March 21, 2013 Lothar Schubert

No secret, Git is the fastest growing DVCS. Lesser known is the extend (and scope) of Git deployments in the ‘enterprise’*.

We wanted to find out: What is the state of Git in the enterprise?


Informationweek Git Survey

To get to the root of that question, CollabNet partnered with Dr.Dobbs and InformationWeek. We asked 250 organizations in North America, surveying both developers / engineers and management teams. Some of the results may surprise you:

  • 25 percent of respondents indicated Git as one of their standard SCM tools
  • Git, Agile Methodology and Mobile go well together
  • Subversion, Microsoft TFS/VSS, and CVS are the most-used SCM tools alongside Git


We pulled together an Infographic summarizing the key points.

CollabNet has been working with organizations large  and small, deploying Git in the cloud or behind the firewall (Tweet This!). In some cases, we saw Git being deployed for specific purposes (say Android development), in some other cases, we saw Git becoming the standard for 100’s or 1000’s of developers.

Would welcome your feedback and discussion: Are the above responses in line with your experienced and plans, within ‘your’ enterprise?

* = With ‘enterprise’ here I am referring to any organizations (or part of it), private sector or public services / federal, being in the business to develop software for clients or internal purposes.


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