Integrating Codesion Hosted Subversion with JIRA

November 2, 2009 CollabNet VersionOne

JIRA logoIntegrating Codesion’s Subversion service with JIRA is easy. JIRA already comes with a free Subversion plugin, which must be installed by your JIRA administrator. Once this is done, simply point it at your Codesion Subversion access URL, and anytime your developers commit to that repository using the name of your JIRA project as a keyword in your commit log message, that commit will appear within JIRA, associated with your JIRA project.

We are planning a deeper integration with JIRA which will use our 3rd party integration system, but for now check out how you can get started right away.

Step 1:

Follow instructions to install the Subversion plugin into JIRA

Step 2:

Sign into your JIRA instance as an administrator and click on Administration -> Plugins -> Subversion Repositories, then click “Add”, to add your Codesion Subversion URL

Step 3: 

First copy your Codesion Subversion URL can be located by signing into the Codesion application,, click on the project tab, select your project and then locate the Access URL beside your Subversion service. Please note if you haven’t already created a Codesion project, please do so, then add the Subversion service to the project.

Now, you have your Codesion Subversion access URL, paste it into the JIRA Subversion “Repository Root” box, along with your Codesion username and password.

  example SVN URL:

If you want to setup the Web Linking feature of JIRA, please use the following:

Changeset Format:${path}?revision=${rev}&pathrev=${rev}&view=rev File Added

Format:${path}?pathrev=${rev} File Modified

Format:${path}?pathrev=${rev}&view=diff&r1=${rev}&r2=${rev-1}&diff_format=h File

Replaced Format:${path}?revision=${rev}&view=markup&root=svn File Deleted Format:${path}?pathrev=${rev-1}

* Replace MYORG with your Codesion organization name, and MYPROJECT with your Codesion project name.

configure subversion repo jira

Fig 1: Configuring your Codesion Subversion repository in JIRA.

Step 4:

Now that you have all the pieces in place, all you have to do is reference your JIRA project name in the commit log message the next time you or your developers performs a commit to your Codesion Subversion repository.

i.e. svn commit -m “fixed a bug in MY_JIRA_PROJECT” myfile.html

This will commit to your Codesion SVN repository, and because you used the JIRA project as a keyword, “MY_JIRA_PROJECT”, this will then be picked up by JIRA.

viewing commit jira

Fig 2: Viewing your Codesion commit in JIRA 

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